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National Commission of Papua: 2010, Actors of Violence Dominated Security Forces

TEMPO Interactive, Jayapura - Papua records of Komnas HAM security forces violence against civilians in West Papua this year increased 70 percent from a year earlier. "In 2010 the highest. Most perpetrators are military and police apparatus. This year's violence-dominated authorities in Puncak Jaya district, "said Vice Chairman of Komnas HAM Papua, Mat. Murib told reporters on Tuesday (3 / 12) in Jayapura.

According Murib, the forerunner no political stability and security and politics in Papua begins on August 17, 2004. At that Goliath Tabuni come from Timika, precisely in time to Puncak Jaya's Coffee via Ilaga. "Actually, he aims to return to his village in Guragi and when it coincides with a meeting of the triangle of Gidi Church, Baptist and Kingmi (Gospel Tent Papua)," he said.

Goliath Tabuni is a person who by security forces in Indonesia is considered as the frontman of Free Papua Movement. He accused as perpetrators of a number of cases of attacks on security forces who served in the area.

According Murib, from where the prolonged conflict in this region to this day. After that, security forces tried to hunt down Goliath Tabuni. On 14 September 2004, for example, Task Force Special Forces troops back to Guragi in order to find, capture or shoot Goliath Tabuni. Kopassus troops found no Goliath, but ran into Pastor Elita Tabuni and his son also a pastor.

"Reverend Elita and her child can not answer because Elita and her son could not understand and speak Indonesian well so angry and Special Forces troops shot and killed Reverend Elisa Tabuni in state hands tied with rope. While his son managed to escape in a state hands tied, "explained Murib.

During the shooting or the murder of 6 non-Papuans, who works as a car driver on the road Hartop Trans Wamena, your Majesty, October 12, 2004, Tabuni also been blamed as the culprit. "The military accused the Goliath Tabuni, but suddenly appeared two new groups that are not clear other than the Group Marunggen Goliath Tabuni Wonda and the second group, led by Anton Tabuni," he explained ..

On October 16, 2004, Komnas HAM also noted there are arbitrary arrests against the chairman Klasis Yamo area, Pastor Jason Kogoya.

As a result of hunting, said Murib, many shootings occur and make the number of people believed to be hiding in the forests is estimated at 5,000 people. "It is not yet known the existence of these refugees because the territories had been blocked by the combined forces," he said. Usually, many residents of his death they fled into the jungle due to illness and also ran out of food because the army destroyed the results of the garden.

The incident continues to occur throughout the year until the year 2010. One called the National Human Rights Commission is Kindeman Gire pastor shot by the TNI on March 17, 2010 at Kelome, Tingginambut District. The next day, said Murib, the military surrounded the number of residents and perform a number of acts of violence against citizens.

Based on the recapitulation of Komnas HAM Papua, in 2004 recorded that there were five cases, 2005 of three cases, 2006 1 case, 2007 1 case, 2008 does not exist, 2009 occurred 8 cases, and in 2010 11 cases. The victim died, in 2004 7, 2006 2, 2007 1 dead, 2009 5 dead, 2010 there were 5 dead.

With so many events in Puncak Jaya, Papua National Human Rights Commission urged the governor of Papua to provide opportunity and support to the Church to negotiate with his people at the Puncak Jaya lovingly not by violence. "We also ask the military commander and police chief of Papua Trikora XVII to stop all operations and the efforts that the troop increase likely only add to the trauma and casualties on the civilian side again in Puncak Jaya and surrounding areas," he said.

To the civilians civilians throughout the Land of Papua who have been using a firearm, was asked to stop the violence and statements for the recovery. "We also asked the police chief of Papua to process the law each person / group that the suspect involved in the case of Puncak Jaya, from 2004 until 2010. The result on to convey to the parties and the public throughout Indonesia, "he said.

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