Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

in Papua, 1 Citizens forces shot dead Papua, the TNI / Police Simak Baca secara fonetik

JAYAPURA - One civilian in the city of Jayapura, Papua, approximately at 12:30 CET was shot dead during a joint military and police officers conducting searches in the hills of the Black Land, the City Abepura, Papua after a mysterious shooting in the village of Nafri some time ago.

Jayapura Kapolresta Imam Setiawan said the sweeping done because there are allegations of a group of people residing in one house near the Church GIDI, Kampung Kamkey, Abepura, Jayapura City store ammunition type SS 1.

"When the sweep in one of the buildings used as places of worship by a group of members of the TPN / OPM, the combined forces had made contact with five members of such weapons, and one of them was shot dead behind the neck," said Imam in Jayapura on Friday (3 / 12/2010).

Spoken priest, before the combined forces have been conducting the same location on Thursday, November 2 nights, from the sweep, the officers found eight civilians were allegedly members of the TPN / OPM.

The next day, officers returned to sweep and was blocked by five unidentified men, which then led to gunfire. One of them is known named Hiron Weitipo killed on the spot. One caught an unknown named Jack Furniture while three others remain in mengejaran.

"Currently, eight people had been secured in the Police," he explained.
In a sweep that took place since this morning, the combined military and police officers found two cartons of ammunition types 1 and SS series documents the attack members of the TPN / OPM them in the village of Kampung Buper Nafri and Waena, Abepura.

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