Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

Hundreds of students joined in the West Papua National Committee, Thursday (18 / 3) held a demonstration related to the plan Barack Hussein Obama's visit to Indonesia.

Students Uncen rate, the American president's visit was only for investment purposes PT. Freeport. While to discuss the issue of Papua are not included in the agenda of Obama's visit.

"We know that Obama's arrival only for investment purposes Freeport," said Benjamin Murib, a demonstrators.

Benjamin insists that the sequence of events human rights violations (Human Rights) that occurred in Papua triggered 'business' security PT. Freeport.

"When Freeport still operating in Papua, human rights violations would still occur. The people who always sacrificed. Therefore, President Obama must be responsible for a series of human rights violations and conflict in Papua, "cried Benjamin.

KNPB rallies began in the morning around 09.00 CET at the entrance to campus Uncen Waena. After doing oration, the mass toward the Papuan People's Representative Council (DPRP) using hundreds of motorbikes and 11 trucks.

SPG Waena on the road, the mass could be stopped by police for carrying a banner that read "People of Papua Refrendum Demand" and pampflet that smells 'independence'. After negotiations, the mass toward the DPRP in strict police escort. (Ronald Manufandu)

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