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destroy the state agency law, the special autonomy undfang papua

Amirudin Elsam political analyst Al Rahab says, almost all state institutions are not well studied with the Law of Special Autonomy (Autonomy) Papua number 21 in 2001. In fact destroy it.

"Autonomy Law of Papua was not used again. Since it was changed to 15 products other rules are conflicting, "said Amirudin in Photo Exhibition and Public Discussion Save the Humans and Forests of Papua in the Commission's office, Wednesday (24 / 2).

For example, Amirudin said, about local elections in Papua. When referring to the Autonomy Law, the election conducted directly by the people of Papua. But the government issued Government Regulation number 2005 of 6-year local elections by the DPRD. "This is opposite Autonomy Law on direct election by the people," he said.

Similarly, out of the Constitutional Court decision on 1 February. The Constitutional Court decided that the addition of 11 seats in the House of Representatives of Papua as the implementation of the Law of Papua Special Autonomy.
According Amirudin, the Constitutional Court did not think the criteria, how the election and handed back to the governor. "It sent people of Papua infringe own," he lamented.

From these facts, assess Amirudin not one of consistency among state agencies to resolve the issue of Papua. In fact, to cover up the failures, the issue of separatism is used as a safe haven in politics. This is an irony because for 40 years Papuan issue has a solution not go exactly.

Executive Secretary of the NGO Cooperation Forum in Papua J Manufandu Septer said, the existence of Autonomy Law became a problem in Papua, not the solution.

Fundamental problems in Papua it was not resolved until now though it was introduced Autonomy. Septer then presented a number of other issues about the land of Papua pengkaplingan for investment. "Dikapling land for oil and gas interests, mining, minerals, HTI, concessions," he said.

So the only vacant land conservation areas. "Would there have been no orangkah," he questioned the motives pengkaplingan it.

While the population living below the poverty line just to be around the area rich in natural resources. Conflict also broke out in almost all areas, whether it is political conflict, economic, social and cultural.

Septer and suggested the importance of dialogue to resolve all the problems in the land of Papua. Dialogue, he said, facilitated by a moderator who can hold parties in conflict in Papua. At the same military that the number should be reduced from the land of Papua and rebuild public trust to the government.

Source: TEMPO Interactive

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