Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Separatist leaders, Seby Arrested at Sentani Airport west papua

Seby SembomSentani-After a day before the shooting occurred in one of the house allegedly used as headquarters of the OPM in the Land of Black, Saturday morning (12/04) returning residents were shocked by the arrest by the Prosecutor's Office working together police and security forces from Jayapura police station, against Papuan separatist leader, Seby Sembom. From the information obtained by the Star of Papua, Seby arrested, when in the door 1 departure lounge when he was about boarding a plane to the Sentani Airport. Rencanannya,

Seby will go towards Cingkareng using the Garuda airline-651. Just dikatahui, Seby Sembom an attorney who is now the status of prisoners outside the prison and is currently undergoing trials with cases of alleged treason and incitement International demo Parlement For West Papua on the date 16 Okteber 2008.

From the results of arrest, Seby Sembom, the party managed to secure a fruit kejaksan laptop containing about human rights violations committed by military and police in Papua.

Next Seby brought to the next high kekejaksaan reprocessed.

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