Sabtu, 17 April 2010

Papua volatile Again, What and Who's Behind That Events

Hear and read some news about events in Papua, as Papuans, I am concerned because the future is also affected is a small community, there will be a military escalation to remote and rural papua, is certainly having an impact that affects pisikologis sociological society, without wanting to blame each other , I personally see this as part of a sense of dissatisfaction against our government, but must be further justification, what kind of satisfaction?

If you're honest, in the implementation of special autonomy, certainly a lot of disappointments than successes, in the implementation of special autonomy alone, there were a lot of infidelity among the elite in the central and local government, the policy emphasizes the importance of Papua on the needs of the people of Papua.

we must be honest with the existing development, according to Jakarta's special autonomy is very good, but not overseen its implementation, so the impact on the conflict - a horizontal conflict, exactly the problem demands an independent Papua, not just yesterday afternoon to say, precisely the opposite - the bargaining position - this bid which was then taken by the government through special autonomy, and harm the special autonomy did not see the basic needs of people in Papua.

In the provincial capital, to sell, mama - mama papua must bask under the hot sun, even if there is a market, must pay first .... Just occupy an appropriate place, Kah OTSUS FOR WHAT? so when all governors, regents, mayors are the children of Papua, which was conceived and born from the womb of women in Papua, this is a BIG SIN .... a tale about The Bureaucracy Malingkundan in Papua, the policy could not accommodate mama - mama who sold on the outskirts of papua roads and under the blazing sun

All the events that happened was an accumulation of disappointments in the history of integration of Papua into the Republic and although Kelly Kwalik has been killed .. but that does not mean the turmoil will end, but the most important is the government more wisely on development in Papua. So is the government that created the actor behind all these events, because the policy did not see a need, but the policy because of greed ... ... ... ..

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