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रकयात पापुआ हरुस बेर्स्तु उन्तुक केबेनारण .....

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In order to address the coming of Obama's plan

On 20-22 March 2010, President of the United States (U.S.) Husen Barack Obama will visit Indonesia (Jakarta),. Foreign Ministry sources (MFA) reported diantarnya Obama's purpose in coming was to discuss the situation relations Politics and Economics in Indonesia. Also the sound source innovations (4 / 2) switch the title "Obama stretcher Papua" in which the question of evaluating the implementation of Autonomy's agenda of human rights violations and political situation post-shooting late Gene Kelly TPN-OPM will also be discussed Kwalik for Obama in Indonesia with his wife and two children will visit the places where he had spent the first small mass.

Obama is the President of the first black in the U.S.. As a member of the democrat party kongresmen in the U.S., Obama termaksuk of 28 black members of the Caucus or groups kongresmen (Parliament) that blacks continue to raise the issue in the case of Papua nasip own determination through the draft (Bill) HR 2601 tentan review implementation could be made to make the agenda in the U.S. (Democrat party) that has brought Obama as president (U.S.) consists of politicians who concentrated on parsoalan Ham in Papau. As the winner of U.S. election U.S. House unanimously representation had also issued a draft of the Foreign Relations Authorization (FRAA) where in one point to support their own rights for the determination nasip west papua.

Is Obama still committed to the issue of papua? Or whether Obama would prefer to strengthen relations with Indonesia, the United States? Obama is currently on two choices, on the one hand, Obama's support for Papuan Human Rights and democracy to nasip own determination, and on one side of Obama's relationship building and Political Economy of Indonesia, the United States by encouraging Jakarta continues to build through the Papua Special Autonomy. Why? because now Obama is afraid of China in global markets threatens the U.S. economy after applying the free market in China feared to take ali sources of U.S. Economy in southeast asia, especially in Indonesia, such as cars Perusaan U.S. Oil, chevron and Freeport.

Current U.S. economic interests in view papua not deemed safe after Otsus failed, and the security situation in the Freeport area before and after alm.Kelly death Kwalik who continue to threaten the production of Freeport, and other worries in which China took over the gas market in the Bay LNG.

What should be done by the People of West Papua and the entire existing network?
1. West Papuans should be firm on the belief bepegang for Independence, out of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Because actual kusus Autonomy, Freeport, and the expansion is not the end of the struggle of the West Papuan People's Nation. but a full sovereignty over self-determination through the process nasip then REFERENDUM.yang be a sovereign State of the Nation of West Papua.
2. In Obama's visit to the People of Papua Indonesia should provide political attitudes through moral action in a peaceful and dignified throughout the Region and outside the West Papua Papua:
3. sacrifice the interests of all components by capitalist agents of America (USA) immediately close ranks to perform moral actions in the attitude of protest against capitalism, America (USA) with the demands:
Demand Government (United States) and Indonesia to be responsible for the murder of the leader of the National Liberation Army (TPN) West Papua, which has Gen.Kelly Kwalik inhumanely killed off Freeport in order to save the capitalist fields (USA) and all those who have an interest .

Pemeritah Demand segeera RI and the U.S. pulled out and are responsible for charges that TERRORISTS are due to the National Liberation Army (TPN) West Papua over all holy struggle. since the shooting of citizens (U.S.) in the area of PT Freepot done by hand not in the know and immediately reveals the murder pelku

People papua must declare to Obama that the signing of the contract of PT Freeport's 1st Year
1967. is not valid (Illegal). Because the work contract between Freeport Indonesia and the U.S. carried out before papua berintegrasikan to Indonesia.

Urges the government (the U.S.) to immediately urge (UN) treaty utuk segrah mecabut New York yrs Pepera since 1962 and is a 1969 Pepera political engineering that interest charged on the value of legal disability, so the government (the U.S.) immediately urged the UN to resolve the political status of papua west through a referendum process

Obama and SBY urges believers to understand democracy as an open space immediately to resolve the Democratic West Papua's political status through a referendum to the people of West Papua universe can menentuan nasip own. West papua People also have to state that fact Autonomy is not a solution to the problem of Papua, but a sovereign nation of Papua west end of the West Papuan nation.

"We Must End"

Port Numbay, February 22, 2010


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