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Although already stated Sentani-finals, but the presence of (PEPERA) Determination of the People's Opinion, still continue to 'sued'.
Results Act of Free Choice on 2-14 August 1969 was considered final after the nation of Papua has made floating through the State formed the Dutch West Papua on 1 Mey 1969.
Unfortunately that has been deemed a final decision was for some political leaders of Papua is considered controversial, because of heavy intervention and intimidation Indonesia and America. Pressure-related political pressure disabilities law continues to reverberate up on Monday (2 / 8) yesterday openly political parts of Papua, the Papuan Customary Council (DAP), KNPB, ICLWP, West Papua National Autority (WPNA), detainees Prisoners , and some residents of Papua who are in the Sentani ceremonial return to the New York Act of Free Choice and Decision Agrimen to the United Nations marked the burning of a coffin symbolizing the Act of Free Choice and the New York Agrimen field Theys H Eluay tomb.

The event was attended by several political frontman Papua namely DAP Chairman, Forkorus Yaboisembut, Chairman WPNA Terianus Yaku, Saul Bomay Tapol detainees, and some of frontman KNPB and ICLWP. From Watchlist Papua New Star in the field can be seen escorting Papua Guard troops (Hermit) is quite tight, and even some mass media that tried to enter the area filtered by Hermit.
Tail only some of the media are allowed to enter, while others were forced outside of the field. Chairman of the Papua Customary Council Forkorus Yaboisembut S. Pd to Papua New Star said yesterday, the activities are done as a symbolic form of the return assessed PEPERA legally flawed.
According Forkorus these activities are not only conducted in Papua, but simultaneously, including outside Indonesia ie in Vanuatu, the United Kingdom, and Australia yesterday. Forkorus continued that the warning was actually about to return PEPERA taken directly to the Big Keduatan U.S. to Indonesia, but due to the Office of the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, so it only sends the symbol of the return through the virtual world, in this case the mass media, and sites that webside Papuans are used to channel the political developments in Papua to the international world.
"Sebenanrnya we want to return this PEPERA memalui U.S. Embassy office in Jakarta but since we send it through the virtual world," he said. Forkorus also recognizes that these activities have come to Vanuatu, England and America, after his crosscheck to do there.
While follow-up of the Act of Free Choice and New York returns to the United Nations, according to Agrimen Forkorus side would ask for a referendum or annexation of absolute sovereignty on 1 Mey 1963 through PBBB general assembly which will take place at 3 to 6 September 2010.
Questioning the meaning of such coffin burning, Forkorus say that it is the realization that Pepepra is dead, because the Act of Free Choice is part of Volume I of the Special Autonomy annexation program as well as on special autonomy in 2001 and vol II. "Papuan political issues will be exhaled at the UN General Assembly in the material or whether the lawsuit in the International Mahkama given sovereignty, in full," said Forkorus again.
Forkorus also said that political issues related disability Papua Act of Free Choice has received full support from Prime Minister (Unted Kingdom) New England that David Cameroon that must be fought to the General Session. Forkorus therefore appealed to the Government of Indonesia in order not to deceive the public, because the problem is already a problem in Papua International.
And the struggle for Papua is peaceful struggle, which must be completed in a manner that is safe and peaceful, not like such as in Timor Laste. The occasion was also given the mandate Forkorus orally by a number of Papuan political component to immediately conduct Papua Congress III.
Sementaraq's security by the Police Board is also quite strict with the involvement of Papua Bromobda BKO one platoon, 2nd platoon Dirmapta Polda Papua, and some police personnel Jayapura. Jayapura Police Chief Matthew Fakhiri AKBP SIK told reporters yesterday said that the activity has obtained a license from the Polda Papua so that it only securing a smooth traffic flow and monitor activities so that they are not sullied by the actions relating to criminal practice.
Foreign Journalists
Meanwhile, at the end of free speech activity, the slightly tarnished by the action of chase each other between the officer and some members KNPB. Action chase each other the tails of the officers who tried to secure one of the foreign citizen will look to capture the event. We will secure a group of young Army camouflage uniform numbering five people directly pursuing officers, so that foreign men are not secure, even chase it down to the hotel which is thought to be united inn foreign residents. In the hotel manunggalpun foreigners are protected period, so an officer can still pocketed their credentials in detail.
One member of the Jayapura Police Satreskrim Briptu Aris suffered lacerations on the right arm. While officers are also directly securing one of the boys had the initials ES. The man who claimed to have just completed their studies in senior high school on June yesterday was immediately escorted to the police Mako perbutannya Jayapura to account for it.
Jayapura Police Chief Matthew Fakhiri AKBP ICS said that his party actually waited for the frontman to be held accountable KNPB one of his colleagues were unfortunately all of them suddenly disappear, without mempediulikannya. Nemun according to the relevant police chief since the age of the student to follow-up process will also be considered.
Meanwhile, foreign nationals according to immortalize the moment police chief being investigated by officers who allegedly stayed in a hotel while Manunggal Sentani, related goals coming to Indonesia, including Papua. 'We still investigate, identity, and purpose of his coming,' police chief explained.
Again a counter statement in fact came from the Chairman of DAP Forkorus Yaboisembut which confirms that the real political problems of Papua's not a secret anymore and this is already on the official websites of the world famous, so whoever he is intent on capturing moments both Indonesian citizens or not is not needs to argue anymore. Especially for one member who was arrested KNPB Forkorus hope that the police can release, because there is no any criminal elements that could ensnare him.

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